Since several years Scalfaro is a proud partner of the Société Nautique de Monaco. In 2014, we decided to take our partnership a step further by also becoming an official partner of the Société Nautique’s prestigious annual event: the Challenge Albert II. We are truly proud of this partnership.

The 2014 Challenge Albert II coincided with the launch of Scalfaro’s new line of “Société Nautique Cufflinks” and thus we decided to award the winning team with these cufflinks. It is deeply rooted in Scalfaro’s philosophy that we do not only want to put the spotlight on the leading representatives, but also on the men who work hard in the background to make great achievements possible. Therefore we awarded not only the President of the winning team, but also the trainer of the winning team with a pair of Scalfaro SNM Silver Cufflinks. Congratulations!

Click here for our special watch edition created in collaboration with the Société Nautique de Monaco.